Wednesday, 25 May 2011

25/05 - True tragic beautiful love.

Monday, 2 May 2011

02/05 -Oh; Hi There.

Oh. Shit. Is that the date?
Long time no see, Hey?
I'm not going to make up any excuses, but I was defending the world from all evil, fighting off all the evil spirits etc etc in my absence. I can confirm, it is no coincidence I am restarting my blog on the day that Bin Laden was pronounced shot dead; Make of that as you will...

Monday, 21 February 2011

21/02- Disney.

So; today I went into town again, and did my business as per (returning some stuff, not overly exciting to be honest..),  And I was half an hour early, but I went over to my friends house anyway; nothing like being lazy to walk back home.
Today I got educated in Disney films, because no, I did not have them in my childhood. And yes, I know I was deprived.
we watched:

Bambi was rubbish. Not going to lie; nothing even happened for one and a half hours, if someone asked me the plot all I could say it that it rained, the mum dies, and who I thought were female animals turn out to be male.
The lion king and Aladdin are amazing though. But I did really want to watch the Jungle book and Peter Pan...
' Second star to the right and straight on till morning'.
Also, we ordered four 18" pizzas.. for ten people.
Seems like too much; but it all got eaten pretty fast, good thing I didn't have breakfast or lunch today I guess.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

20/02- Murder?.

Today I woke up late, and wondered into two.
I met up with a friend and we had a great catch up; and that was about it.
I just re-dyed my hair, and my bath looks like I have casually murdered someone..
That is about all for today; nothing interesting, and  am tired now. Good night!.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

19/02- Interrobanged‽‽.

I just ( I say just, this was bout 5 hours ago) got back from my intense trip to IKEA.

(I didn't mean to type that in caps but I am too lazy to re-type it, so instead I am typing this much longer than what I would have re-typed  explanation.. They should add a caps button of the Keyboard, where it changed upper case to lower case, and lower case to upper case.  I= So genius).
Prepare to be bombarded with representational pictures of my day..
So, after a two hour journey into wherever Ikea is..
We entered the store , at which I was automatically reminded of the scene from 500 days of summer, where they go into a furniture store with show rooms, pretending its their house and its so cute.  "Darling; there is a Chinese family in or Bathroom.".
So yes.
After wondering around for AGES wanting to buy everything; we came across the wardrobes, so I whipped out my measuring tape and got going!
this is the one I got because:
A. It was cheap.
B. Its big.
C. It was cheap.
D. It was the only one that fit in my smalllll room.
E. It was cheap.
So, then I went on a hunt for the biggest clear plastic box I could fins So I could convert it into Timothy's cage because he is the only hedgehog on the earth for persists on climbing EVERYTHING.
At which point I had no luck, because everything is sectioned into "rooms", And what room would you place a huge-as-fuck plastic box in? It was like a magic Easter egg hunt.
We then hit the dining area (like, the actually eating area in Ikea, not the show rooms..), And having never been to Ikea I opted for the world famous "Ikea meatballs":

That dish looks about a hundred times nicer than what I was given.. Mine was swimming in so much oil that it wasn't even able to mix into the sauce..
And by the end of it I felt physically sick.
After this I bought some Daim bars (Nomnomnom.) and tried one of their biscuits, which they shouldn't let people try because they look nice, but after trying them it made me not want to buy them.
So then we bought everything and went home.

And I just realised, I haven't had dinner, I have been waiting and have realised, apparently dinner is self service and is not being cooked today apparently. So I open up the fridge and well; bam, there is nothing there. I say nothing, By nothing I mean nothing edible.
And by nothing edible I mean that gross food only one family member uses for sandwiches, or some crazy rubbish like that.

Shit yeah. Sounds like the dirtiest and most bad ass type of punctuation there possibly could ever be..
Because a cross between an explanation mark and a question mark is the greatest invention (Punctuation-wise) EVER!.
! + ? = 
Interrobang  Yeah!.
You've just be taught the most intense powerful punctuation of all time by your's truly.
You just got interrobanged.  
Use it wisely my friends. 
(And yes, it is actually a real punctuation, kind of.)
Heres some facts fo' you non believers!
American Martin K. Speckter invented the interrobang in 1962.
In 1968, an interrobang key was available on some Remington typewriters. During the 1970s, it was possible to buy replacement interrobang keycaps and typefaces for some Smith-Corona typewriters.[5] The interrobang was in vogue for much of the 1960s, with the word interrobang appearing in some dictionaries and the mark itself being featured in magazine and newspaper articles.
blahblahblah, basically:

Friday, 18 February 2011

18/02- Hello Procrastination.

It's Friday!
Finally! The half term..
Time to relax and procrastinate, and not do the twenty odd pieces of homework I have been set..
And, on the topic Of relaxing, I am going to go kick off my shoes and have a nap; see you in an hour, or three.. or five.
I have whipped out my summer mix-tape (well mix-CD, but that doesn't sound cool, does it?), and it just makes everything better; Hurry up summer, I miss you.

Oh yeah; this is so hilarious :
Silly Timothy<3.
Off to mop up a big spill are we? Surely you don't need ALL that tissue paper! Greedy!
It's things like that that Timothy does that makes me smile (I am not sure if that's Right.. too many 'that's? )

Thursday, 17 February 2011

17/02 - Chemistry Practical.

So, today was fairly dull, but still, I was actually quite content all day; which was an interesting feeling.
I am not sure what I would prefer; being content, or being up and down and experiencing the extremity's - Probably the latter, Content doesn't help you live life.
My chemistry practical went well (I think); this is based on the fact My teacher was asking what I got in my results to clarify with other students, and that she read my whole exam (probably isn't meant to but, I'm not going to complain) and didn't say anything other than 'Yeah, that's fine' etcetc.
Plus; I got to make things fizz and stuff so, that's all ways a plus.

I also went to some university talk thing this evening; which was fairly dull, but I guess it was quite informative (My parents both basically fell asleep.).

It is half term this Friday; I cannot wait, I really need this week off to chill and catch up with all my work (Namely the four or five math assignments I haven't even bothered looking at.. I am running out of excuses).

Oh; also we hit 2000 views the other day, that's quite awesome guys, thanks so much!.

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